The Consensus for Development Reform (CDR) brings together leading conservative and private sector voices for reforming and improving the United States’ approach to global development. CDR starts from the premise that effective development assistance is vital to our security and prosperity in a world full of challenges that defy military and diplomatic solutions alone, but that our development dollars can be spent more effectively and should achieve greater impact.

CDR is founded on the belief that America is a force for good in the world and that our development policy is most successful when it projects our core American values of economic opportunity, accountable government, and respect for democracy and human dignity. Simply put, reformed, more innovative, and more accountable foreign assistance will yield better results for those we help and will more faithfully serve U.S. national and economic interests.

One of the primary aims of CDR is to articulate a development strategy based on the advancement of economic opportunity globally through promotion of rule-of-law and good governance, mobilization of investments, and reduction of barriers to trade and economic growth. With our strong entrepreneurial tradition, dynamic capital markets, and robust institutions, the United States has both a unique ability and a strategic self-interest to promote economic growth that essential for countries to rise out of poverty and provide the transformative results that enable developing countries take ownership of their development.

Bringing our nation’s generosity, know-how, and compassion to bear on global humanitarian challenges has been a defining aspect of America’s global leadership for seventy years. The United States must continue to lead the global fight against poverty and disease, and to bring hope and opportunity to those in greatest need. Republicans built a legacy of leadership on foreign assistance during President George W. Bush’s Administration through the creation of bold and innovative programs such as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Maintaining and building on this legacy is essential for our continued global leadership.