Contributions from CDR Participants


By J. Brian Atwood, M. Peter McPherson, and Andrew Natsios (Foreign Affairs) Washington’s foreign aid programs have improved in many ways during the Bush presidency. Official development assistance has increased from $10 billion in 2000 to $22 billion in 2008, funding two dozen presidential initiatives, many of them innovative and groundbreaking. At the same time, […]


By Rod Hunter (The New York Times) WASHINGTON — The world’s finance ministers, gathered here this week for the annual World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings, will rightly lament the collapse of global trade talks and Africa’s halting development progress. But what Africa needs far more urgently than a trade deal is to clear […]


By Rod Hunter (The Washington Post) This week G-8 and African leaders meet in Hokkaido to discuss how to respond to rising prices for commodities such as food. The food crisis highlights the need for farmers in developing countries to become productive participants in the global economy. One of the most important steps to achieve […]