Dan Runde: What Peace in Eritrea Means for Forced Migration

For two decades Eritrea has been in a frozen conflict with Ethiopia. The conflict is used as an excuse for mandatory and indefinite “national service,” one of the major reasons—alongside limited economic prospects—people are leaving Eritrea. The formal declaration signed by Ethiopia on July 9, 2018, to end the long-standing conflict has been a fast-moving situation, one […]


There is an important debate going on within the U.S. government about how to track money and determine funding priorities for U.S. foreign policy and foreign assistance. The discussion may seem abstruse, but the outcome will matter a great deal; it will have a direct impact on the American governnment’s ability to defeat terrorists, to […]

A moment for foreign aid reform

Sometimes in Washington, unanticipated events provide the best opportunities for progress. We are at such a point in the debate around international development funding, and we believe that by acting on three areas of general agreement on reform, the United States can see significant improvements in the effectiveness of our efforts, greater accountability and value […]