Alternatives to HIPC for African Debt-Distressed Countries: Lessons from Myanmar, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe

By: Tendai Biti, Ben Leo, Scott Morris, and Todd Moss Despite the success of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) in reducing the debt burdens of low-income countries, at least eleven Sub-Saharan African countries are currently in, or face a high risk of, debt distress. A few of those currently at risk include countries that […]

STOP. Attempting to Overhaul the US Foreign Aid Apparatus is a Trap

By: Ben Leo The last time Congress overhauled the US foreign assistance apparatus, John F. Kennedy was president. The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (FAA) made some sweeping changes.  Among other things, it separated military from non-military aid and established USAID to oversee economic assistance programs.  Granted, there have been some tweaks to USAID and […]

Financial Literacy: Challenges and Opportunities

By: Daniel Runde and Erin Nealer Financial literacy is a growing challenge as developing countries experience an increased access to financial services. Financial access, formerly a serious problem in developing countries, is rapidly being achieved as geographic, technological, and national barriers are eliminated. Mobile phone technology, urbanization, the growth of microfinance, and the prevalence of […]

CDR Position Statement on the Millennium Challenge Corporation

CDR Position Statement on the Millennium Challenge Corporation Core MCC Reform Principles: MCC is one of the most important aid reform efforts of the past 50 years and its reform principles are applicable well beyond its portfolio. Economic Growth Driven: MCC’s unique mission is to eradicate poverty through economic growth – the only truly sustainable […]