The Consensus for Development Reform (CDR) is a platform of leading conservative and private sector voices for more effective U.S. global leadership through reforming and improving our approach to global development.

CDR is founded on the belief that America is a force for good in the world, and that reformed, more innovative, and more accountable foreign assistance will yield better results for those we help and will more faithfully serve U.S. national interests.

CDR’s participants are a select group of conservative thought-leaders and policy experts, including former members of Congress, senior Administration officials, and private sector leaders who share a common commitment to U.S. leadership in global development and improvement of our foreign assistance’s effectiveness.







The Kyle House Group (KHG) serves as the secretariat for CDR. KHG provides hands-on and customized consulting services to a diverse portfolio of clients in the non-profit and commercial sectors. We operate at the nexus of government and the business and philanthropic communities, where our experienced team of professionals specializes in government relations, commercial advocacy, partnership development, policy analysis, and strategic communications.

Kyle House Group (CDR secretariat)
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